Gain financial clarity and confidence in simple steps.


Silver Plan

Best for young professionals looking to:

  • Money Management- make the most of your income
  • Save for a deposit on a home
  • Determine how much life insurance they need, if any
  • Invest for retirement and other long-term goals
Gold Plan

Best for mid-career professionals looking to:

  • Money Management- make the most of your income
  • Saving and paying for life events i.e. University; Family Holidays
  • Optimising retirement investments
  • Choosing the right insurance coverage(s)
  • Pursuing self-employment, negotiating job offers, or changing careers
  • Investing in property or other ventures
Platinum Plan

Best if you’re nearing or entering retirement looking to:

  • Whether you’ve saved enough to stop working
  • How much you can spend during retirement and not outlive your nest egg
  • Health insurance
  • Asset allocations leading up to and during retirement
  • Estate planning
  • What to do with your employer retirement plan

Here is how financial planning works

Enjoy the same transparent process no matter which success path fits your situation.

1. Talk to us

During a discovery call, you talk us through your financial life. If we both feel like it’s a good fit, we prepare a financial planning meeting. When you accept our proposal, we let you know which documents we’ll need to prepare your financial plan.

2. Meet with us

Visit us in person or via video chat for two or more meetings:

  1. During the first meeting, we provide initial observations and discuss possible recommendations. We also discuss and refine your goals and priorities.
  2. Our second meeting is where we finalise our recommendations. When it is over, you’ll walk away with specific, measurable, achievable goals and a plan to implement all of them.
  3. The third meeting (gold and platinum options) takes place sometime after your first visit. It is where we revisit your financial plan and make any necessary course corrections. We can also use this meeting to discuss a specific financial topic (platinum option only), such as investment strategy, estate planning, cash flow or budgeting.
  4. When needed, our fourth meeting always covers a specific financial topic in greater details (gold option only).


3. Check in with us

Actually, we check in with you. Implementation is key to your financial plan, and we are here to hold you accountable. Why? Because we care about your success!

4. Ask us anything

As part of your plan send us any questions you have about your financial plan, your goals, or your progress.

5. Keep planning

In the months and years following our engagement, you have options for your financial journey.

  1. Investment Management: Let us manage your portfolio and coordinate all investments with your financial plan. This option includes financial behavioural coaching and ongoing guidance on all things money related.
  2. Financial Planning: Get ongoing, personalised financial planning advice and life planning on all agreed fee structure.

Decide who should manage your investments

Occasionally clients manage their investments themselves, and we support them 100%.

These clients are comfortable researching and selecting the right mutual funds and ETFs. They have a good feel for asset allocations and understand how to gauge investment risk and reward. They also know how to coordinate investments with their goals and genuinely enjoy managing their portfolio.

If you enjoy managing your own investments and rebalancing your portfolio over the weekend, we think that’s great! You can, and should, manage your own investments.

But if making investment decisions makes you uncomfortable or if DIY just isn’t your style, we will manage your portfolio.

It’s a smart option when you:

  • Want to build a diversified, low-cost investment portfolio
  • Recognise the value of lifetime financial planning, so you avoid emotional or impulsive investment decisions
  • Feel uncomfortable managing investments yourself
  • Demand simple, transparent and fair management fees
  • Want to coordinate your financial plan with your investments
  • Prefer to delegate investment management instead of handling it yourself

Investment management made simple

Investing is not super intuitive. You’ve got to understand why you are choosing certain investments. On top of that, you need to know how to avoid fees and reduce taxes.

When we manage your investments, you are in a complexity-free zone.

No confusing advisor fees. No surprise charges. No “let’s beat the market” wishful thinking. Here’s how it works:

  • We invest according to the goals specified in your financial plan
  • We charge 2% to arrange the right plans and invest new funds
  • We charge 0.5% per year on your portfolio

That’s it. Seriously.

You benefit from fair, transparent management fees and investments that align with your financial plan. That way, you don’t have to worry whether you are in the right funds or whether your asset allocation coordinates with your long-term plan.

We also include lifestyle planning, so you learn how to avoid emotional or impulisive financial decision-making. You know, decisions that might come back to bite you later.

We keep you on track, so you get where you want to be in life.

Ready to discuss financial planning? Book a discovery call today!