Here at Vintage Financial Planning we have been working hard behind the scenes in order to give more to our clients. We have prepared a series of financial planning podcasts, based on some of the main topics of common interest and concern, that our clients often enquire about. We will go through various topics ranging from mortgage, pensions, investments and overall financial planning. We have covered many answers to your questions in our short but informative podcasts. After listening to our financial podcasts we hope for you to gain helpful knowledge and provide you with useful tips on improving your financial journey.

We hope you enjoy our series of podcasts and don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. Give us a call on 01732 471070 or fill in our contact form below, for confidence in financial planning!

Alexander Stennings
Rob Hamshare

1. Pensions

2. Investment

3. Mortgage

4. Protection

5. Financial Planning

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