When families turn to Vintage Financial Planning for guidance and a clear path forward.


Young couple starting their careers

Married with children

Couple nearing retirement


John and Susan had big dreams for their young family. To make them come true, they need a financial plan.

A couple in their mid-30s, John and Susan were expecting their second child. As a young family, they had questions about:

  • Whether they needed life insurance – and how much
  • Saving up for a deposit so they can buy that family home that they always wanted, but not sure with the current debt they have
  • What scheme is better, Help to Buy or Shared Ownership
  • How to protect their income and possibly private medical insurance

To transform financial confusion into clarity, John & Susan chose the Vintage Financial Planning’s Silver plan.

We helped John and Susan develop a plan to pay down their debt while also saving that family home. In addition, we discussed which protection was important for them and helped prioritise for them too, ensuring it was affordable.

The result? A solid understanding of their financial situation, a clear path towards achieving their goals, and the confidence given that should the worst happen then they would be protected.


When Kate and Dan got busy with life, their finances took a backseat. It was time to take back control.

With the kids doing well at school, Kate’s return to work and Dan getting promoted to his dream job, a lot was going right. What wasn’t going right – or, at least, what Kate an Dan weren’t sure was going right – was their financial life. Kate and Dan wanted to know about:

  • Saving and paying for university
  • Managing their investments
  • ow much life insurance they need, if any
  • Whether they needed a will and trust
  • The merits of buying rental property
  • Which funds should be in their retirement accounts
  • Any blind spots in their financial lives that they simply weren’t aware of

To get a handle of their finances, Kate and Dan selected our Gold plan.

We showed them the best ways to set aside money for their chidren’s future. They also gained a clear picture of the potential opportunities and pitfalls of buy to let investing. Finally, Kate and Dan learned which investments and insurance coverages made the most sense for their family.

Now Kate and Dan have a clear picture of their finances and a path to achieving their goals! Since they are not into number crunching and financial analysis, they can now focus on forward financial planning.


Martin and Joanna were ready to retire, but they weren’t sure if they’d saved enough to stop working.

Although Martin and Joanna were a way off from their predicted pension age, after years of paying into pensions and not keeping track. They had serious questions about their finances:

  • How close are we to financial independence?
  • Can we retire in the next few years?
  • How much can we spend if we stop working
  • When should we start taking state pension
  • What will the cost of health insurance be?
  • Should we change the investments in our pensions if we are retiring soon?
  • How much can we give to our favorite non-profits and our grandchildren while maintaining our standard of living?

Martin and Joanna selected the Vintage Platinum plan to create a roadmap to retirement.

We showed them how much they could spend in retirement based on their spending rate, net worth, asset allocations, and state pension. Martin & Joanna also learned which adjustments to make in their underlying investments and how much they could give to charity and to their grandchidren during their golden years.

Not only that, Martin and Joanna learned that they could retire within the next few years, providing they implemented the financial plan we created for them. This was a truly life changing moment for them as they assumed they could only afford to retire at state pension age.

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